Young Engineer Starter Bundle (6-9 y.o.)


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Young Engineer Starter Bundle consists of:

- STEM Heroes - Mammoth (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Scorpion (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Alligator (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Poseidon (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Zeus (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Cronos (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Racer (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Hypersonic (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Thunderbird (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Rotoblade (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Dragster (Old)

- STEM Heroes - Scorpion (New) - Learn more

- STEM Heroes - Racer (New) - Learn more

STEM Heroes - Mammoth (Old)

The modern day elephants are closely related to the extinct species of the mammoths. The most famous of the family is the Woolly Mammoth which lived during the Ice Age, going extinct ten thousand years ago! It had a thick coat to withstand extreme cold and very long, curved tusks!

STEM Heroes - Scorpion (Old)

The scorpion does not have bones, but instead it is protected by an exoskeleton, similar to a shrimp. When you see one, try to avoid its claws at the front and never get in the path of the stinger at the back of its tail as it contains a venomous poison!

STEM Heroes - Alligator (Old)

The alligator’s name comes from the Spanish word for lizard (“el lagarto”) and it belongs in the family of reptiles, like the crocodile. Alligators are one of the few species that lived during the age of the dinosaurs and are still walking on the Earth today!

STEM Heroes - Poseidon (Old)

“Poseidon” is the Greek name of the planet Neptune, symbolised in astronomy with a trident, the three-pronged spear of the mythical God of the Sea. This large ice giant is four times larger than Earth in diameter, but consists of 17 times more mass!

STEM Heroes - Zeus (Old)

“Zeus” was the king of the ancient Greek gods. He ruled on top of mount Olympus and used thunders as a weapon for striking his enemies. Thus, the planet Jupiter gets its name from Zeus (in Latin), as is the largest and heaviest planet of our solar system!

STEM Heroes - Cronos (Old)

“Cronos” is the Greek name of the planet Saturn, the second largest planet of our solar system. This majestic gas giant is best known for its planetary rings, which were possibly formed when one of Saturn’s moons crushed on the planet’s surface!

STEM Heroes - Racer (Old)

Racers are usually custom made cars, created by hobbyists and car lovers! They look like the hot rods of the past, with vintage body work and classic colour paint. They are built for speed and often draw people’s attention with their engines’ roaring sound!

STEM Heroes - Hypersonic (Old)

When a jet fighter plane surpasses the speed of sound (around 343 m/s), a big explosive bang is heard, followed by a white cloud at the back! At that moment, the plane flies in supersonic speed and it can even go in hypersonic when travelling too fast!

STEM Heroes - Thunderbird (Old)

The thunderbird is a native American mythical creature that controls the upper world. It fights the underworld beasts by throwing lightings at them. What is more fascinating is that it can even create huge thunders when flapping its powerful wings!

STEM Heroes - Rotoblade (Old)

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) designed the first type of helicopter, called “the aerial screw”? The spinning rotor blades of the modern day helicopter provide boost for hovering above ground and moving in all directions!

STEM Heroes - Dragster (Old)

In drag racing, two cars compete each other in short distances. At the start of the race, it is crucial that they reach very high speeds in a short time, offering to the fans an amazing spectacle of extreme wheel spinning and deafening engine roaring! Top Fuel dragsters reach record speeds of up to 335 miles per hour (539 Km/h)!

STEM Heroes - Scorpion (New)

Kids learn all about one of the most ancient arachnids on the planet by building a scorpion from scratch with this hard-stinging STEM toy!

STEM Heroes - Racer (New)

Kids explore the rip-roaring world of off-road dune buggies by building their own all-terrain vehicle from scratch with this super fun STEM toy!



Recommended Age 6-9


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