Wheeled Loader

€29,99 VAT Incl.

Age: 6-12. Construct your way to success with the 3in1 models box of JCB Wheeled Loader!


This box contains 192 sturdy plastic parts made from ABS, for building three models like the real of extremely durable JCB® Wheel Machines: the JCB 426 HT Wheel Loader, the JCB Excavator & Operator and the JCB 714 Dump Truck!

- Printed instructions for building two of the models are included.

- Interactive 3D building instructions for all three models are available online and through the free Engino kidCAD app for smart devices (Android & iOs) to practice your Computer Aided Design skills (CAD)! Zoom in and out models, rotate them in 3D space, implode and explode their components.

- Play with the three multipurpose wheeled machines to build sites and construct roads!

Tinkle with the Wheel Loader and get the job done with the articulated bucket or use the JCB Excavator & Operator for heavy lift to enjoy tear out performance for tough applications! The JCB 714 Dump Truck!

Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it to your JCB Wheeled Loader and play to invent more!

No Shortcuts when it comes to Quality and Safety on our products: We strive to follow the strictest safety and quality standards, ensuring that children will just enjoy their fun pathway to success!




Recommended Age 6 -12



Weight 0.63 kg
Length 37.00 cm
Width 5.50 cm
Height 27.00 cm

Warning Notes

Contains small parts which could be swallowed. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.