Qboidz 30 in 1 Multimodels

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Build, stack or click, and explore endless construction possibilities with this award-winning STEM inspired set of 30 models in a single box! Ideal for ages 2-6.


The Qboidz toy building system encourages children to develop their cognitive, social and motor skills with snap-fit connectivity of colourful blocks! Perfect for little hands, these big brick stack together and come apart easily. 

This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) inspired set increases dexterity, spatial skills and creativity over hours of fun and creative play.

Offer your pre-schooler the right tools to discover the world and to build from funny animals to cars and house or anything they imagine! 

Models included in this set include animals such as an elephant, an owl, a dog, a sheep, a turkey, a turtle but also automotive like a formula, an aeroplane, a helicopter, and mechanical structures from a house, a farm, a watermill, a Ferris wheel and so much more!

• 166 colourful building blocks in different shapes, made from ABS

• A beautiful illustrated book of step-by-step building instructions to enhance focus of children and hands-on eye skills for 2 models!

• All model building instructions are accessed via the free Engino kidCAD app to develop digital and 3D interactive skills!

• Hands-on creative play for early learning experience

• Combine with all Engino parts and build innovative models!

No Shortcuts when it comes to Quality and Safety on our products: We strive to follow the strictest safety and quality standards, ensuring that children will just enjoy their fun pathway to success!



Recommended Age 2 - 6



Weight 1.69 kg
Length 49.00 cm
Width 6.90 cm
Height 33.00 cm

Warning Notes

The parts are suitable even for 2 years olds but due to the complexity of some models, age 3 -6 is recommended.