Master Engineer Premium Solution (10+ y.o.)


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Master Engineer Premium Solution consists of:

- ERP MINI Expandable Robotics Platform

Engino’s ERP MINI Expandable Robotics kit gives young engineers everything they need to take their first steps into the world of robotics and open platform programming.

LEARN | ERP MINI Expandable Robotics gives young engineers everything they need to take their first steps into the world of robotics and programming. Learn the micro-history of robotics and programming with real-world applications and useful facts

EXPERIMENT |Fun experiments to test new skills, first program your robot manually through membrane buttons then develop further your coding skills with a versatile, user-friendly block-based programming interface with its own Robot simulator

INSTRUCTIONS | step-by-step instructions in a booklet and via our animated 3D building app

GENERAL | Suitable for ages 8-16 ~ Interactive 3D building app lets children build in virtual reality ~ Fully compatible with all Engino products for hours of freestyle creative play ~ Environmentally friendly toxin-free plastic, made to last.

KEY FEATURES | The set includes a Mini ERP controller with 4 input-output ports, two infraRed sensors, and two motors! Snap-fit connectivity in any direction and angle ~ Extraction tool for easy and fast disassembly



Recommended Age 10+



Weight 1.40 kg
Length 32.00 cm
Width 8.20 cm
Height 32.00 cm

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