Master Engineer Advanced Solution (10+ y.o.)


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Master Engineer Advanced Solution consists of:

- STEM & Robotics PRO Single Set Version 2

The STEM & Robotics PRO education set is specially designed for late Primary and Secondary school students of ages 8-15. It combines the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics.

The set comes in a convenient plastic storage tub that contains a large number of Engino parts, allowing the construction of 34 STEM models. It also includes robotic parts such as the PRO controller, RJ cables, one Touch sensor, two InfraRed sensors, three Motors, five LED lights, and a USB cable!

The KEIRO Software provides a Scratch-like user-friendly environment for coding. The activities begin with the basic principles of STEM-related subjects together with robotics using easy to build models. Then, they move on to more complex concepts including sensors, conditional statements, variables, functions, and operators.

Components: - Plastic Tub, - 369 plastic parts, - 1678 connecting points, - Pro controller with 7 input-output ports, - 3 DC motors, - 5 LEDs, - 2 IR sensors & 1 Touch Sensor. Specifications: - USB full speed port (12 Mbit/s). - Onboard membrane buttons for manual programming. - 7 input-output ports. Connect up to 7 LEDs to teach traffic lights, up to 4 sensors digital or analog and up to 3 motors (servo or analog). - KEIRO™ software. - Comprehensive curriculum including 9 booklets. - Recommended for ages 8-15. - Suggested for 2-3 students.



Recommended Age 10+


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Height 15.60 cm

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