Junior Engineer Starter Bundle (3-6 y.o.)


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This bundle allows you to buy 3 different Qboidz sets at a discounted price. This is a limited offer!

Junior Engineer Starter Bundle consists of:

- Qboidz 4 in 1 Multimodels (Field Tractor) - Learn More

- Qboidz 4 in 1 Multimodels (Spaceship) - Learn More

- Qboidz 4 in 1 Multimodels (Stunt Plane) - Learn More

Qboidz 4 in 1 Multimodels (Field Tractor)

Build 4 different models! Let’s get adventurous with the Qboidz™ cars! Imagine yourself outside of the big city, using the Tractor for growing imaginary plants or riding the Quad vehicle on bumpy roads.

You can also get into the Jeep and “drive” high up the mountains to feel the air breeze. If you like classic cars, you can always “drive” the curvy Beetle on the city roads. 

Qboidz 4 in 1 Multimodels (Spaceship) 

Build 4 different models! Put on your captain’s hat and explore the seas on the fantasy Sail Boat! If you are lucky enough you might encounter the large colorful Piranha with the rounded mouth! “Embark” on the Pirate Ship and “sail” away on an unforgettable treasure hunt, full of adventures! Re-assemble into a Spaceship and get yourself into the far ends of the galaxy with hypersonic speeds!   

Qboidz 4 in 1 Multimodels (Stunt Plane)

Build 4 different models! The sky is the limit with the Qboidz™ flying machines! Get on board the Helicopter and “fly” with style above the imaginary city! Re-assemble into a Hydroplane and choose between air and water to move on.

If you like more classic shapes, you can turn your model into a Propeller Plane or a fast-flying Glider.       

Qboidz Key Features: 

*New patented design! 

*Increase dexterity and perception of 3D space!

*Traditional building by stacking bricks!

*Enhanced creativity by connecting bricks with rods in any direction!

*Fully compatible with the ENGINO TOY SYSTEM!

*All parts are non-toxic and made to last. Vibrant colored parts.

Product Material: ABS Plastic 



Recommended Age 3-6


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