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During these harsh times, when humanity is being tested by the unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents face a new challenge: How to help their children spend creatively their time at home and learn not only curriculum content, but also acquire the ever-growing important 21st-century skills, required for students to master in preparation for success in a rapidly changing, digital society. Many of these skills are also associated with deeper learning, which is based on mastering skills such as analytic reasoning, complex problem solving, and teamwork.

ENGINO’s education team has prepared a special range of product bundles that focus on such development, providing the tools and the resources that will empower children of various ages to spend their time now at home in the most meaningful way. Parents and kids can work creatively together to solve real-life engineering challenges, build amazing contraptions, undertake scientific experiments and learn by doing about STEM theory and technological principles.

Junior Engineer bundles

The Qboidz building system by ENGINO is a new, patented system that unitizes new technologies to allow younger children from the age of 3+ to connect blocks in all directions of the 3D space. Younger children start by stacking blocks together, as they would do with traditional bricks, developing their two dimensional building skills on an x-y plane. Stacking blocks can also lead to the pseudo-three-dimensional building as children can create corners and seemingly enter the x-y-z coordinate system, but in reality, they are just expanding their 2D experience.

With Qboidz they can change the direction of building by connecting the blocks sideways, creating more complex models and activating new neuro pathways in their brains, which not only relate to advanced spatial perception but also innovative multi-layer thinking. As their dexterity skills and perception of 3D space enhances, children at the growing age of 4-5 can connect different sizes and shapes of rods to the Qboidz blocks, making models not doable with traditional brick systems. As a child grows further at the age of 5-6 they can start connecting the rods with rods at the smaller connecting holes, moving away from a large-based grid system to a more defined one. This ability of multi-level building empowered by the unique Qboidz system stimulates parts of the brain not easily activated with other means, helping children acquire profound new skills and capabilities, inspiring them to become our future engineers and innovators.

The bundles are designed to provide three levels of pricing and products of increasing complexity. The “Starter” bundle at only 40 euro combines 3 sets of the best-selling “4 models” sets. A total of 12 models are doable, from aircraft to cars and animals, but the combination of the three sets has enough parts to allow kids to become creative and build their own model ideas. The “Premium” bundle at only 90 euro combines 3 sets of the “8 models” and 4 sets of the “2 models” leading to 30 different builds from various themes. Finally, the “Advanced” bundle combines the higher-end of the product lines, the ”30 in 1”, the “20 in 1” and the “14 in 1” that create much larger and complex models. This bundle is enhanced by the 2 award-winning sets of the ACADEMY OF STEAM line which also has books with theory and activities that expand into coloring and maths for hours and hours of fun play and learning!

Young Engineer bundles

Primary school students are old enough to engage in experimental activities and open projects that will not only challenge them but also equip them with the core knowledge of STEM disciplines. The original ENGINO building system was developed for the “Design & Technology” classroom and is based on an innovative library of only 18 different multi-functional parts. These parts can combine in various directions to create technical and fully functional models that can be expanded and modified according to the imagination of the student. The patented snap-fit system of ENGINO, allows easy assembly and disassembly, not only making model creation a fast and easy task but enabling the experimentation process by the ability to change variables and take measurements.

This unique capability of increased flexibility and modification empowers students to actively engage in STEM activities that lead to learning through exploration and fun. For the “Young Engineer” bundles, our Education team has put together some of ENGINO’s best selling sets from across the product series, seamlessly blending creativity with learning. The “Starter” bundle comes at only 50 euro, and combines the entire collection of the original STEM HEROES single-model sets and includes the content theory for every subject relating to the models to be built. The “Premium” bundle at only 90 euro brings in the library the “Jurassic Earth”, the JCB Tipper Truck and the “50 in 1” sets which include a motor so that students can create animated models and bring them to life, learning also about dinosaurs and Momentum.

This bundle also includes the solar Plane set from the new ACADEMY OF STEAM line along with the “Botanic lab” so that children can learn how to convert solar energy to kinetic and also how they can grow their own garden! The “Advanced” bundle is the ultimate solution for creative STEM challenges. It includes the large Architecture set which allows the building of 1.4 m tall Eiffel Tower and the Sydney bridge, but also has experiments on structures and triangulation. The bundle also includes the “90 in 1” motorized set, the JCB tractor set and for fun the STEM HEROES “Dragon evolution” set! All bundles will guarantee hours of learning and fun, and should the parent wishes, quality-time with their boy or girl!

Master Engineer bundles

Late Primary school and Secondary school students have fun when engaging in creative challenges but are now mature enough to learn core knowledge of STEM subjects and attain higher levels of the much needed 21st-century skills. “Young engineers” build with the original ENGINO SYSTEM and explore easy-to-comprehend scientific concepts. “Master engineers” move a step further and start using our technical parts to create advanced mechanical systems with gears, pulleys, cams, and cranks while also learning about Forces, Energy, and Motion. They continue with coding and advance further by creating programmable robots and learning about sensors and electronics! Our future engineers and inventors are at the age of 9-14 a step closer to their career decisions, and it is important that they are truly challenged and tested!

Such challenges, however, should not be provided superficially to disappoint or misguide the student. They should be provided through a pedagogically correct and proven methodology that will help children to the gradual attainment of core knowledge and skills. ENGINO’s solutions have been developed over many years of research, with the help of Academics and industry experts, and are perhaps one of the few comprehensive and encompassing systems that take the student step-by-step from practical to abstract thinking and from simple to advanced. The “Starter” bundle priced at only 45 euros combines two of the best selling “Discovering STEM” items, one in Pulleys, teaching about Mechanical advantage, how speed and force interchange and how some of the modern machines have been invented. The other set deals with Newton’s laws and provides hands-on experiments to discover the 3 laws of motion. The “Premium” solution moves into robotics and coding with a price of only 110 euro.

This latest set by ENGINO called “ERP MINI” has recently won the Tilliwig award in the US as the best “Brain toy” and comes with Bluetooth connectivity, IR sensors and a powerful controller to build and program a robotic arm, a scorpion and much more! The ultimate robotic challenge comes with an “Advanced” solution at the sponsored price of 150 euro. This set of ERP PRO comes in a plastic tub and it is the set selected by the Cyprus Ministry of Education to drive the new STEM schools. It is used officially by schools around the world and is considered to be the ideal reconfigurable robotic solution. Students can build more than 30 different models and use the 3 motors along with the several sensors to program models from cars to automated houses and humanoid robots! The KEIRO scratch-like software for coding is also provided for free to download from the ENGINO education site.